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What is Operative Leasing? 

When talking about operative leasing, the first thing to mention is that we are not talking about a purchase of a vehicle (as is the case with financial leasing), but more of a long-term rental. The main idea is that the client rents the vehicle for a specific amount of time, and after this time passes – the vehicle is returned to the Lesser or optional it can give nominal price for purchasing a vehicle.

Who can use Operative Leasing? 

It is a worldwide practice, that the operative leasing of vehicles is intended to be used by both companies and Private persons. When the solvent is proven, every physical person can sign a contract for operative leasing, after being approved by the lesser. 

What are the advantages of Operative Leasing?

- Avoid having to pay the full cost of the vehicles up front, so you don’t use up your working capital or have to borrow

- Only pay for the vehicle over the fixed period of time that it is needed by you

- Easier to forecast cashflow as rates on monthly rental costs are fixed

- The cost can be more easily be planned to coincide with revenue coming into the business

- Reduce your tax bill by deducting the full cost of operation lease rentals from taxable income

- For companies that either do not pay tax or pay at the small company rate, the 100% tax allowances of operational lease rental are normally more beneficial than capital allowances for outright purchase options

- No need to worry about an overdraft or other loan being withdrawn at short notice due to changes in bank policy or personnel

- Maintenance and other service items can be written into operating lease or contract hire contracts, and will be managed by Inter Ways rent a car

- The risk is carried by Inter Ways Rent a Car

- Inter Ways Rent a Car can obtain better discounts due to our greater purchasing power 

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